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It is important to note that there are currently residing on Long Island, N.Y., metropolitian New York City area, New Jersey, and Connectitcut, many nephews, nieces, grand nephews and nieces and great grand nephews and nieces of the Venerable Fr. Anthony Vincent Gallo. He is known to all of us as “Uncle Vincent.”

In the small town of Monteforte Irpino, in the county of Avellino (near Naples), Italy was born to Angela and Antonio Gallo nine children: one girl, the eldest, and eight boys, of which Ven. Fr. Anthony was number eight. His brother Mario was the youngest of all nine children.

During the span of years between 1912 and 1914 the eldest daughter. her husband and two young sons and three of her brothers immigrated to the United States and resided in Brooklyn, N.Y. Two other brothers immigrated to Buenos Aires, Argentina. The remaining three brothers stayed in Italy with their parents. Two of the three brothers that remained in Italy answered God’s call to the religious life. Ven. Fr. Anthony became a diocesan priest and Oblate of the Priests of the Congregation of the Sacred Heart and his younger bother, Mario, entered the Redemptorist religious order and professed his vows of proverty, chastity and obedience  and consecrated himself to God and the work of the Church as a religious Brother.

Brother Mario was devoted to his brother, Anthony, during their lifetimes. They both were faithful to their religious vows in their service and love of Jesus and His church. Subsequent to Fr. Anthony’s death in 1934, Brother Mario utilized his tireless efforts to enhance the cause to sainthood of Fr. Anthony so that he may attain the altar of God as a canonized saint. Sady, Brother Mario died in 1986 at the age of 84 after spending a lifetime of humble service to Jesus and His Church as well as performing the serious duties of Actor for the cause to sainthood of his brother, Fr. Anthony as required under the rules of Canon Law.

Brother Mario possessed virtues of humility, love of Jesus and neighbor. These spiritual attributes were instrumental in his commitment and exhaustive efforts to his Brother’s Cause of ultimate canonization as a saint for the greater honor and glory of God. Both brothers, indeed, are enjoying their eternal reward in heaven. The case of Fr. Athony was concluded in 1989, when the Congregation for the Cause of Saints declared that Fr.Anthony exercised the theological and moral virtues to the heroic degree. Thus, on April 9, 1990 Pope John Paul 11 proclaimed Fr. Anthony Vincent Gallo as “Venerable.”

The nephews and nieces in the United States had the privilege to meet and know Brother Mario during his trips here. All were inspired and positively impacted by the depth of his spiritual virtues. His is also truly a noteworthy story. Unfortunately, none of us ever met Ven. Fr. Anthony during his short lifetime due to our young ages and his residency in Italy. The two sons of the eldest sister did know Fr. Anthony at very young age prior their coming to America. However, we were always exhilarated by the stories of his holy and exemplary life and his adoration of Jesus and humble service to His church and all with whom he came in contact.

The following pages relate in simple form the life story of  Ven. Fr. Anthony. We hope that you will gain comfort in his humility and service and be encouraged that his physical and mental sufferings and disappointments did not detract him from his priority in life,i.e, a total trust in Jesus.

We all experience these difficulties in our own lives. We must admit to ourselves, however, that we cannot overcome the trails in our lifetimes without having a trust in Jesus.

An analogy of Ven. Fr. Anthony’s life of suffering is found in the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 26, Verse 34, which relates the scene of Jesus’ Agony in the Garden of Gethsemani:

Jesus fell on His face and prayed,`my Father,’ he said,`if it be possible, let this cup pass from Me: nevertheless not as I will, but as You will.’

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