From Heaven

After the stirring plebiscite of gratitude and admiration given by the clergy and the faithful around his body serenely lying in the sleep of the death, the pious memory of Fr. Anthony remained alive, the recognition of his humble but extraordinarily personality was confirmed and the fame of his virtue spread more and more. On a number of occasions, articles in praise of Fr. Anthony appeared in magazines and newspapers, and amongst them was the Osservatore Romano.

His humility was as remarkable as his suffering, and his great virtues and ardent zeal had evoked such widespread mourning and touching manifestations of admiration that the wonderful example of this priests life deserved to be known far and wide.

His memento-leaflets which were scattered in their thousands, not only amongst the sick, but amongst his admirers generally, are still kept as treasured possessions and blessed like those of a friend and heavenly protector.

Immediately after his untimely death, many people had recourse to them in their trials and difficulties and whispers were already going about of favors received through his intercession. The following are a few accounts of favors received through the intercession of Fr. Anthony taken from the numerous ones at hand:

On the 5th of July 1946, at a time when I happened to be staying in the country at Tocco Cavauria (in the province of Pescara), my baby boy, Paul, one of two twins and scarcely 13 months old, suddenly fell sick with a severe intestinal attack. The doctor was very concerned with the baby’s high temperature and continual vomiting, and advised me to take him to a specialist as soon as possible. I acted on the advice immediately and went to Pescara where the child was examined by Dr. Vera Cardelli, a woman who specialized in the treatment of children. Dr. Cardelli found that the baby’s condition was critical and even feared that an attack of convulsions could come on at any moment and cause death. Only a miracle could save him. I returned to Tocco on the verge of despair not knowing what saint to pray to. An aunt of mine who had come from Rome gave me a picture of Fr. Anthony Vincent Gallo to whom she had a special devotion and she urged me to beg from him the cure of the baby. I prayed with all my heart and soul, put the picture under the baby’s pillow and promised first of all a small offering to Fr. Anthony Gallo, then, as something very special, the promise not to go to the pictures (of which I am very fond) for a year. After a few hours the baby began to improve and after a few days was completely out of danger.


The undersigned declares that her daughter Maria Belli, aged 54, suffered from inflammation of the left eye which was the cause of intense pain for about two months. Drugs were administered regularly. One evening the writer, not knowing how to carry on any longer, turned to Fr. Anthony Gallo with this prayer: “You who suffered so much in your life, inspire me and obtain a cure from the Most Holy Trinity”.

In the morning my daughter said to me as soon as she got up: “Mummy, I’m cured. I felt better last night and slept all right”. From that day to this she hasn’t had any need of drugs to kill the pain.

On the next visit, Dr. Persichetti stated: “All I can say is that she’s cured.”


For 25 years one who was near and dear to me had not been frequenting the Sacraments, and I could see that his return to them was becoming more difficult all the time. Needless to say I was continually offering up prayers… At length one day when I was looking at the picture of Fr. Anthony Gallo whose biography I had read, I was prompted to make a novena to the Blessed Trinity for nine consecutive days.

Soon after the one I hold dear returned to the Sacraments.


I feel that it is my duty to publish the following: About a year ago I went to the Maria Luisa Clinic in Via Col di Lana, and Dr. Caravani who examined me said that an operation was inevitable. The midwife had already begun to prepare it for me with words of comfort; all that had to be fixed was the day for the operation.

Torn with fear, I turned full of faith to Fr. Anthony Gallo with these words: “If I avoid this operation, I shall have the favour published”. And I did receive the favour, for without undergoing any surgical treatment I am now in the very bet of health, and what is more I don’t have the slightest trouble that could make life difficult for me.


The undersigned expresses her most heartfelt thanks to the Servant of God, Fr. Anthony Gallo for the tangible protection which he has given her son Nicola, aged 10. In October 1942, the boy fell sick… at which we had recourse to Fr. Anthony. After a picture of our beloved Father had been placed in contact with the suffering child, the illness disappeared almost instantaneously. During the night the boy, who was half asleep seemed to hear a voice saying, “tell your mother that you are cured”.

It is out of a sense of profound gratitude that I have related this.


I have promised to make known the following favour which was obtained through the intercession of Fr. Anthony Vincent Gallo, a priest in our parish of Christ the King.

My husband was to undergo an operation for a furuncle on the neck with extensive ramifications which rendered an operation extremely difficult, when it occurred to me to turn for help to our dear Father so as to avert such a dangerous and difficult operation, with the promise to have the favour published if he helped me. As God took pity on us and heard our prayers, saving my husband from the operation, I am fulfilling my vow, ever thankful to the good God who showed Himself well pleased with His Servant, Fr. Anthony Vincent Gallo.


A young man of about twenty with a serious liver complaint was reduced to a state of inaction. On the brink of despair, he was thinking of suicide. I gave him the biography of Fr. Gallo. He returned not only to the practice of the faith with renewed hope in life, but after an operation was perfectly cured.


From New York, Wasworth: About two years ago I received a leaflet- “The Servant of God, Father Anthony Vincent Gallo”- from a young man in my office. From that moment I prayed to the dear Father for a special favour. My brother who had had an operation for an ulcer in the stomach, had to receive fourteen blood transfusions, and his condition was considered very critical. I prayed to Fr. Anthony, and my brother, after many uncertain fluctuations, recovered and is now at home.


From New York: In the night of Dec. 29th, 1946, I had a very severe attack of asthma. A member of my family went at once to get an ambulance. In my distress I placed on my breast a picture of Father Anthony Gallo, begging him with the greatest fervour to make me better.

Twenty minutes later counter-orders were being given to stop the ambulance from coming as I was miraculously cured; in fact the next day I was able to resume my work as if nothing had happened to me the night before.

That same day, on my return from work, I found one of my sisters in a very high fever, and crying because she would not be able to go to Midnight Mass.

With the same faith I placed the picture of Fr. Anthony Vincent Gallo on her breast. Four hours later she felt perfectly well, so that she was able to assist at Midnight Mass, receive Communion and thank the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Who, through the intercession of His Servant, had deigned to cure us both miraculously.


From Richmond Hill, U.S.A.: I have had the joy of receiving a favour through the intercession of Fr. Anthony. My brother after an exemplary life until then, for the last seven years led a life of sin, neglecting the Sacraments and forgetful of God. One day, when I was in great distress because several misfortunes had befallen me the previous evening, I took up a picture of the Servant of God and prayed fervently to him. I fact I remained awake nearly all night praying to Fr. Anthony … When I awoke next morning, I saw to my astonishment my brother preparing to go to church and since then he has returned to his religious duties.


From Brooklyn: I, Rosaria Ganci, mother of six children, testify to the following: in the month of November 1946 a married daughter of mine had an abscess in her stomach. After fortnight of treatment the doctor told me she must go to the hospital for an operation. I was dismayed and had recourse with great faith and fervor to the Servant of God, Fr. Anthony Vincent Gallo, promising an offering if he granted me the favour of averting my daughters operation. So, the day before she was due to go to the hospital, the abscess broke, and when the doctor returned, he joyfully declared that there was no longer any need for an operation. After about a week my daughter was completely cured.


From Brooklyn: Some months ago I was awakened by violent pains which continued so long that I feared it was a serious case of appendicitis remembering that about forty years ago I did not wish to undergo an operation which doctors declared was necessary. I decided that if the pains continued, I would ask to be brought to the hospital. Just then I remembered Fr. Anthony’s picture and I turned to him with confidence, reciting the triple prayer to the Sacred Heart, I applied his picture to the ailing part and having slept soundly, I awoke with no trace of pain. May the Sacred Heart be thanked, who in so evident a manner wishes to glorify dear Fr. Anthony. In testimony of the truth, etc.


From Milano: Some months ago my daughter fell ill with bronchial pneumonia. The doctor feared an abscess on the lung which would have had serious and life-long consequences for one of only 18 years of age. You can imagine, Rev. Father, with what faith and earnestness I turned to Father Anthony, imploring him to obtain her complete cure, which came in about a short time. My daughter is now very well, while the x-ray test show no trace of the malady. The doctor assures me she is stronger than before and she has returned to work with renewed energy.


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