If the grain of wheat falling into the earth doth not die, itself remaineth alone, but if it die it produceth fruit a hundred fold.
– St. John XII

In this age, in which unfortunately pleasure and amusement have become the only objects of life: what great good may not be effected by the example of the Venerable Father Anthony Vincent Gallo!

He has lived the teaching of Jesus with heroic generosity, suffering continuously and offering his martyrdom in union with his Divine Master for the good of souls.

Like the evangelical grain of wheat, he was consumed by illness, by misunderstanding and humiliation and thus he bore much fruit.

What were these fruits? The good example of a holy priest; many souls encouraged, guided and saved; a voice which twenty years after his death is still living and eloquent.

Let his example teach us not to lose the merit of our own suffering by vain complaints and lamentations, but rather to make of them a fruitful apostolate for good.

Rome, 11th. January 1960.


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