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Beginning in 1899, the life of Anthony Gallo was centered not only on his faith in God, but on his love for others.

It is incredibly fortunate that Father Gallo’s life paralleled a period where photography was commonplace. It as a result we have been able to compile a library of images of his childhood, his life as a priest, and the equally quintessential moments after his death that lead to his veneration.

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Life Story

Illustration of a young Anthony Gallo praying First Communion "With the help of God, I will prepare myself to become a holy priest." Father Anthony walking with confrere "The roses are for Jesus, the thorns for me. " Illustration: Father Anthony leading mass, facing the altar, holding up the chalice Illustration: Father Anthony surrounded by children Illustration: Father Anthony performing penance Illustration: Father Anthony standing bed-side a sick child in hospital Illustration: Father Anthony lying while others pray by his side


Beatification and Canonization

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